Dr. Newman-Polk has a doctorate of psychology in forensic psychology. Following his graduate studies, he completed a year-long post-doctoral fellowship conducting various court-ordered statutory evaluations pursuant to Massachusetts General Laws, Chapter 123, ยงยง 12(e), 15(a), 18, 19, and 35 at the district court clinics in Brockton and Taunton.  He also conducted risk assessments for juveniles committed to the Department of Youth Services.  

Dr. Newman-Polk worked for a year as the court clinician in New Bedford, Wareham and Plymouth, followed by seven years as the court clinician in Woburn and Concord.  In this role, he testified in hundreds of cases on matters pertaining to criminal responsibility, competency to stand trial, aid in sentencing, need for civil commitment, and competency of a witness.  

Since 2011, Dr. Newman-Polk has consulted as a private forensic evaluator in district, superior, probate and immigration courts, as well as hospitals and schools.